Enrollment & Ticketing to Launch Sunday

Posted on Feb 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

As we shift from registration, we want all our registrants to know the details of how to enroll in the 5th Session of the Western States Leadership School.

What’s enrollment?

Enrollment is just what it sounds like: it’s when you pick your program track and formally sign up to attend Western States.

But didn’t I already sign-up?

Sort of. You or someone else (likely your Eminent Treasurer) paid for your attendance and registered you for the School. Now, we need to know which classes you want to take.

What are my options?

The School offers eight program tracks, with each offering a special focus in fraternity leadership. You may peek at the tracks here.

How will enrollment work?

Beginning on Sunday (or soon thereafter) you will receive an email inviting you to enroll (as long as you are paid for and cleared to attend). You must use the link in that email to access our enrollment pages.

Once in our website, you will select and confirm your enrollment after reviewing the seminars that will be part of your program track.

You will then be directed to EventBrite, our ticketing partner, to officially enroll for the School. Completing enrollment with EventBrite will provide you with your check-in ticket and also add your name to our seminar rolls for on-site attendance checks. You must clear all attendance checks to graduate from the School.

That sounds complicated.

We’ll be honest, it might be, but we’re here to help. If you have any questions, feel free to email saewesternstates@gmail.com for assistance.