We are always looking for sponsors and partners who supplement our curriculum, our theme and our values. If you, your organization or your company is interested in becoming one of our sponsors or partners, please contact Shay Stewart, our Assistant Director for Sponsorships, at shaymstewart@gmail.com.

Philanthropic & Service Partners

As a Fraternity that values philanthropy and service, we are looking to make an impact in our communities while also conducting our leadership and educational training. Past examples of philanthropic partners include the ΣAE Foundation, the Children’s Miracle Network and St. Rose Dominican Hospitals.

Business Sponsors

With over 300 attendees, each representing fraternity leaders in many chapters across the western half of the country, the Western States Leadership School is a great opportunity for businesses and ventures who want to meet young, driven collegiate members and their advisers.

Sponsor Registration

Partners who are looking to register their sponsorship may do so here.