We’ve been receiving several common questions from brothers interested in the school, and below are answers to help you plan your conference experience.  If there’s a question that you liked answered that’s not below or on the website, contact us and we’ll post it here.

How much is the school?

Registration is priced based on the type and date of registration, according to the schedule found on our deadline page.

For collegiate members, registration for the School is generally $250 per attendee, with special discounts for chapters who register groups of eight brothers to attend each of the School’s eight program tracks.  We’ll do our best to room chapters together based upon their total registration.  Collegiate rooms are at quadruple-occupancy.

For alumni members, registration for the School is $150 per attendee; the alumni program begins on Saturday morning.  Alumni rooms are at double-occupancy.

Does my registration fee include my hotel? And my meals?

Yes and yes.  Your registration includes many things, including your hotel room and most meals during the school (Saturday night is on-your-own).

When is the registration deadline?

Regular registration closes on January 27, 2018, to allow the hotel to accommodate our needs; after that date, registrations will only be available as space allows and will be subject to a $50 late registration fee. Registration will completely close on February 3, 2018; there will be no on-site registration.

Can I cancel a brother’s registration? Or can I substitute one brother for another?

Cancellations and substitutions are granted based upon our policies.

Cancellations will be honored up to the regular registration deadline of January 27, 2018; after that date, no cancellations will be honored.

You may substitute one brother for another in your chapter, subject to a substitution fee of $25. You may request a substitution here. Substitutions must be made by February 1, 2018; after that date, substitutions will only be available as space allows and will be subject to an additional $50 late registration fee. Registration (including substitutions) will completely close on January 30, 2018; there will be no on-site registration or substitutions.

What is the dress code for the school?

The dress code for the school is business attire during most sessions and badge attire (coat-and-tie) for the model initiation.

Is travel to the school included in registration?

Sadly, not as of now. However, we do encourage chapters to coordinate carpooling among themselves.

When does the school start and end?

Subject to change, registration will open at 3:00 pm on Friday, February 16th.  The first session will begin at 6:00 pm on Friday the 16th and the last session will conclude at11:00 am on Sunday the 18th.