These tracks are designed to highlight the eight core areas of exceptional leadership; attendees will focus in one area, complete with specialized seminar topics. All tracks will also have a seminar topic on bystander intervention.

Well Connected

This area focuses on building connections: with alumni, with university officials and the public at large.
Recommended for Eminent Correspondents, Eminent Chroniclers, Alumni Chairs, IFC Representatives and non-officer attendees.

  • Friendraising: Improving Alumni Relations
  • Rush to Recruitment: Targeting Your Chapter’s Needs
  • Being Your Brother’s Keeper
  • Community Outreach: Communication Efforts and Award Applications
  • Philanthropic Partnerships in the Community

Well Disciplined

This area focuses on holding our membership accountable with special training in the organization’s health-and-safety policies and procedures.
Recommended for Eminent Deputy Archons, Eminent Wardens and Health-and-Safety Officers.

  • PR Nightmare: Our Biggest Image Problems Exposed
  • Minerva’s Shield: ΣAE’s Health-and-Safety Policies
  • Chapter Accountability & Standards Boards
  • Shifting Away from Second-Class Membership
  • Cops: Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Well Educated

This area focuses on member development and education as our organization shifts further away from pledge programming.
Recommended for Member Educators, Scholarship Chairs and Recruitment Chairs.

  • Logistics for the True Gentleman Experience
  • FUNctional Brotherhood Retreats
  • Rush to Recruitment: Targeting Your Chapter’s Needs
  • Alcohol Skills Training Program
  • Promoting Scholarship Among Your Members

Well Informed

This area focuses on the essential information the newest members of the Fraternity need to know.
Recommended for new members, Member Educators, and non-officer attendees.

  • Interpreting “The True Gentlemen”
  • Being Your Brother’s Keeper
  • The History of Our Ritual after 160 Years
  • In-ΣhApE: Personal Health & Wellness
  • The Phoenix Challenge

Well Invested

This area focuses on chapter finances, including revenues from members and outside groups.
Recommended for Eminent Treasurers, Fundraising Chairs and Philanthropy Chairs.

  • Setting Your Chapter’s Budget, Line by Line
  • Fundraising Options to Supplement Your Budget
  • Cash Flow Management I: A/Rs and Collections
  • Cash Flow Management II: A/Ps and Expenses
  • Financial Reporting Requirements: Form 990 & Beyond

Well Organized

This area focuses on executive-level leadership, including organizational planning and development.
Recommended for Eminent Archons, Eminent Recorders and Recruitment Chairs.

  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Chapter Goals
  • Managing Your Chapter: Meetings, Decision Making & Personnel
  • Self-Control Equal to All Emergencies: Managing Crisis
  • Developing an Effective Leadership Pipeline
  • Handing Over the Reins: Officer Transitions

Well Prepared

This area focuses on having self-control equal to all emergencies, including responses to incidents and understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion.
Recommended for Health-and-Safety Officers, Social Chairs, House Managers and non-officer attendees.

  • Self-Control Equal to All Emergencies: Managing Crisis
  • Alcohol Skills Training Program
  • PR Nightmare: Our Biggest Image Problems Exposed
  • Title IX Awareness & Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Getting Social: Effective Preparation for Social Events

Well Versed

This area focuses on our Ritual, its meaning and how it can be lived day after day.
Recommended for Eminent Preceptors, Eminent Heralds, Member Educators and non-officer attendees.

  • The History of Our Ritual After 160 Years
  • A Signing Fraternity: The Songbook of ΣAE
  • The Ritual’s Thoughts on Hazing
  • The Meaning of Our Symbolism & Heraldry
  • Words to Action: Living the TG Lifestyle