These tracks are designed to highlight the eight core areas of exceptional leadership; attendees will focus in one area, complete with specialized seminar topics. All tracks will also have a seminar topic on bystander intervention.

Well Connected

This area focuses on building connections: with alumni, with university officials and the public at large.
Recommended for Eminent Correspondents, Eminent Chroniclers, Alumni Chairs, IFC Representatives and non-officer attendees.

  • Friendraising: Improving Alumni Relations
  • University Community Relations
  • Philanthropic Partnerships in the Community

Well Disciplined

This area focuses on holding our members accountable with special training in the organization’s health-and-safety policies and procedures.
Recommended for Eminent Deputy Archons, Eminent Wardens, and Health-and-Safety Officers.

  • Minerva’s Shield: ΣAE’s Health-and-Safety Policies
  • Chapter Accountability & Standards Boards
  • Shifting Away from Second-Class Membership

Well Educated

This area focuses on member development and education as our organization shifts further away from pledge programming.
Recommended for Member Educators, Scholarship Chairs, and Recruitment Chairs.

  • Best Practices of the True Gentleman Experience
  • Brotherhood Retreats
  • Rush to Recruitment: Targeting Your Chapter’s Needs

Well Informed

This area focuses on the essential information the newest members of the Fraternity need to know.
Recommended for new members, Member Educators, and non-officer attendees.

  • Minerva’s Shield: Our Health-and-Safety Policies
  • Maximizing your SAE Experience
  • Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

Well Invested

This area focuses on chapter finances, including revenues from members and outside groups.
Recommended for Eminent Treasurers, Fundraising Chairs and Philanthropy Chairs.

  • Setting Your Chapter’s Budget, Line by Line
  • Fundraising Options to Supplement Your Budget
  • Financial Reporting Requirements: Form 990 & Beyond

Well Organized

This area focuses on executive-level leadership, including organizational planning and development.
Recommended for Eminent Archons, Eminent Recorders and Recruitment Chairs.

  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Chapter Goals
  • Managing Your Chapter: Meetings, Decision Making & Personnel
  • Handing Over the Reins: Officer Transitions

Well Prepared

This area focuses on having self-control equal to all emergencies, including responses to incidents and understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion.
Recommended for Health-and-Safety Officers, Social Chairs, House Managers and non-officer attendees.

  • Self-Control Equal to All Emergencies: Managing Crisis
  • Getting Social: Effective Preparation for Social Events
  • Title IX Awareness & Sexual Assault Prevention